Cadillac Developing XT6 Three-Row Crossover

August 7th, 2017 by

Cadillac’s lineup of “X”-branded crossovers is reportedly getting a big sibling. With crossovers making a huge splash in the market recently, Cadillac, like many other auto manufacturers, is making efforts to provide a lineup that’s appealing to modern families. The Cadillac XT6 three-row crossover, keeping with the naming traditions of the other crossovers, will fill a gap in the brand’s portfolio.

There’s already a three-row crossover in Cadillac’s fold, a name widely associated around the world with indulgent luxury: the Escalade. However, there’s a pretty wide price gap between the high-end Escalade and the smaller crossover underneath it, the XT5. Cadillac hopes the upcoming XT6 will bridge the price gap between the two vehicles and provide a more accessible three-row alternative to the more luxurious Escalade.

With an XT4 already due sometime next year and the XT6 three-row crossover rumored to be launching around 2019, Cadillac seemingly has plans to continue expanding their family of crossovers. This will allow them to cover more niche segments in the market and appeal to a wider audience.

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